Crowdsourced Open Innovation Accelerated a Covid-19 Ventilator Solution — Crowdsourcing Week

It is widely acknowledged that collective intelligence delivers better solutions compared to a limited number of team members working on an innovation project. However, what is not talked about enough is the effect of this open model on the innovation process lead-time. After five years spent working on open innovation challenges, I am still surprised by the power of crowdsourcing to accelerate the innovation process.

Crowdsourcing has an accelerating effect on each stage of an innovation process. Investing in resources during the early stages of an innovation project with the aim of capturing a broad number of ideas and solutions (and evaluating them correctly) truly accelerates the remaining stages of the process. Every stage thus benefits, from ideation to design and development, prototyping, and final implementation (production scale-up, customer adoption, etc.).

  • As long as technical viability and proven experience (in other countries and industries) are considered during the initial evaluation and selection, fewer changes and a lower number of prototypes will be required later on.
  • The product or service will be more quickly scalable if the client gets actively involved in the initial idea-scouting stage.

The crowdsourcing story of OxyVita ventilator’s development

Following the progression of the COVID-19 virus, the number of infected patients still grows exponentially every day in some countries. Given that 20% of them are hospitalized and 5% need admission in an ICU, the demand for ventilators is extremely high.

  1. Through using different components to the ones used in conventional ventilators, they were easier to find in a market that was experiencing high demand.
  2. It kept high-level safety standards within its electronic and software design. In particular, OxyVita has a double processor to control the pneumatic system while keeping a redundant monitoring system (watchdog).

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