Digital Twin as a predictive tool for the industrial sector and product quality

  • Predictive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Reduction in production halts
  • Optimization of the line costs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Product quality
  • Engineers hours for the design of the parameterized 3D model
  • Simulation software adapted to the technical requirements
  • Data gathering sensors
  • Data engineering for analysis (Machine Learning)
  • Communication and Monitoring platform

CASE STUDY: Optimization of the Machining process in a Machining Center

  • PC Industrial i7 Schneider ( 700 €)
  • WINDOWS 10 PRO 64 BITS OEM ( 150 € )
  • Software and Hardware for the verification of the TCP tool wear.
  • Temperature sensor (120/200 €)
  • Power control POWERMETER PM5320 Schneider (700€)
  • 3D verification per part scanning. 3D laser profile meter (6,000€). Other technologies are also available in the market.



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