Drone Control System for Monitoring Structures (12K EUR in Prizes)


  • On-site geolocation of the exact planned spot to carry out the foundation or connection with other profiles. It must include the relative height of the site.
  • Scanning the barcodes of every single part. Bar codes are added previously in the factory to ensure the correct installation according to the construction plan.
  • Monitoring the right placement of each steel profile, once installed, especially the abutment head, to control potential plumbing or twist of the steel profiles.

What the client is looking for

  • To geolocate the foundation and installation spots (± 2cm).
  • To laser mark these spots on the ground. (± 2cm)
  • To geolocate the abutment heads of the steel profiles (± 2cm)
  • To indicate the plumb or twist of the steel profile (± 0.5º).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Higher robustness of the solution and technical viability.
  • The lower percentage of errors
  • The higher degree of automation
  • Possibility to be used remotely and off-line
  • Best Business Case: initial investment (CAPEX) + operational cost (OPEX)




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